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San Clemente Clinical Massage Therapy

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 My practice is focused on helping people heal  through Massage, Stretching, Yoga, Essential Oils and Nutrition.  I always strive to to my best. Being healthy is the most important part of life. The wellness goal is to help reduce stress, pain and give you quality of life back. At my massage therapy office in San Clemente I specialize in helping you heal from chronic pain, injury or stress.

"Taryn Gives the best massages I have ever received in my entire 40 years of living. She really focuses on what is hurting and helps relive the pain" Tracy Y

Having a therapist you know and trust is a part of my business. You can be assured that you will always get quality bodywork done that is tailored to your specific needs.

I have been helping Doctors, Physical Therapist and Chiropractors with there patients for 5 years. I attend School at South Bay Massage collage and continued to train at North Shore Sports Therapy on Oahu Hawaii. I also have worked with Surf Competitions, 2016 AVP in Manhattan Beach and recently been trained in Mizocomi Advanced Circulatory Sports Lymphatic Therapy.  I am also  trained in Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular therapy, Sports Therapy.  

 Some of the body issues that I can help with are:

-Migraine relief, this is a therapy I love to help with. There is a specific trigger point that is on the upper shoulder that can cause headaches. Symptoms are usually pain behind the eye and tight neck. 

-Neck Pain is very common for adults that are working long hours or were in car accidents.

-Hip Pain/Sciatic Pain are also common for adults that sit for long periods of tine. I have a great technique for this that is specifically for sciatic relief and has helped many people.                

-Arthritis/Carpel tunnel,  I can help your wrist muscles stay open by keeping the blood flowing  to the muscle fibers, that is important for pain free hands and wrist.

Tele (808) 637-4370.