A custom massage session will be given at every appointment.  Each treatment session will be discussed with the patient on the type of bodywork they want done. I offer three different time options of based on your needs.

     -60 minutes of body work $70.00

     -90 minutes of body work $95.00

        -60 minutes hot stone therapy $85.00
​       -90 minutes hot stone therapy $125.00

       -60 Minutes Lymphatic Therapy $85.00

       -90 Minutes Lymphatic Therapy $125.00

    -Hot Towels During the session $5

    -Aroma Therapy during the session $5


Modalities Offered

Hot Stone -A popular method for people that need to a feel good and relax. This is a light pressure and deep tissue massage using hot stones to help improve blood circulation, increase the level of oxygen in the blood and help the blood remove toxins. Also improving flexibility easing tension and helping with pain management. A primary goal of Hot Stone massage technique is to relax  the entire body.

Deep Tissue- When there are larger Knots congesting the muscle fiber a deeper technique is used to release the knot and restore blood flow to the muscle tissue. The technique is a firmer way to break up knots. This pressure is beneficial for releasing chronic muscle tension.

​Advanced Lymphatic - This specialty massage is good for everyone.  Keeping the Lymph system cleaned is important for your body to maintain healthy blood and free the lymph system of unwanted debris. Debris pockets in the lymph can cause disease and cancer. This advanced technique is used with patients that have Auto Immune Disease, Breast Cancer, and post cancer patient. The Advanced Lymph is called MACSL  therapy.

Neuromuscular Therapy- This massage technique specifically pinpoints pain, stiffness, and numbness and release the tight muscle. Bringing blood to the affected area and following the pain line to its cause.

Sports Massage- With a sports massage technique We incorporate stretching the muscle groups that are being massaged, also using Active Release Therapy to get tight hard muscles to relax by getting blood flow to muscle fiber.

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